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I found a dead girl’s diary on Inkitt

on September 25, 2015

Yesterday I stumbled over an intriguing list on Goodreads which lead me to a short story on a site I was not familiar with.

I found a dead girl’s diary

By straydog1980

“Five went up, four came down.”

High school student Emma finds the diary of missing classmate, Malinda. The story that unfolds makes it a classic horror short. Simple yet enjoyable writing, but containing some grammatical/spelling errors (originate with the author, not the purposeful styling of Malinda). There’s some nice imagery going on within the story. I particularly liked that I didn’t see what was coming, though it had been set up in the story so it wasn’t out of left field. It needs a little polish, but I enjoyed reading it. Honestly, I’d love to see it turned into a novel. I recommend fans of horror shorts & r/NoSleep go check it out! Then explore the site, it’s full of awesomeness.


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