The Rambles of a mad woman

I know it should be ramblings, but for the sake of space…

Who Am I?

on October 18, 2015

I should probably introduce myself, just in case anyone ever stumbles into my tiny corner of the web.

I am a mom, a wife, homemaker, & homeschooler. I selectively vaccinate, utilize both traditional & modern medicine, & believe that sunshine, fresh air, diet, exercise, faith, & FUN are the keys to good health. I am Christian, but our household is of mixed faiths. I love to garden & read. I’m into urban foraging, essential oils, conspiracies, & Skyrim. I cook from scratch, can, craft, & attempt to sew. I’m super frugal, have never been in debt, & am currently working with my husband to rebuild his credit. In the future I would like to do one of two things- homestead or travel extensively. And I am mad, but more on that later.

Why publish this stuff in public rather than keeping a personal journal? Well, sometimes I just NEED to release something out into the world. It does no good in my diary, where no one will ever see it.

I foresee future posts about our adventures in home-educating, parenting in general, cooking, home projects, product & book reviews- just stuffs about life.

I’d love to connect with a wide variety of people. I love people. Moms, fellow Christians, non-christians, bookworms, rock stars- everyone is welcome here, as long as you keep it respectful.


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