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Too Much of a Good Thing

on October 28, 2015

Too Much of a Good Thing: Are you Addicted to Your Smart Phone? by James A. Roberts, PhD

“Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?” is an quick yet thought-provoking read discussing a thoroughly modern phenomenon. Research-backed information is presented in an interesting & easy-to-understand manner, and is well balanced with humor. I particularly appreciated the short quizzes & “Food for Thought” included throughout the book.
Dr. Roberts has inspired me to be MUCH more conscious of my phone usage. Everyone with a smartphone should read it!

Just a few pages into the book, I commented on Dr. Robert’s Goodreads profile (

From my smartphone. In bed.

By the way guys, the author is fabulous. He quickly responded to my comment & further engaged. I like ‘im.

But seriously, get this book! It is eye-opening, life-changing stuff- but easy to implement for us lazy folks And it costs less than $5.

Tell me: Are you having an affair with your smartphone?
I received this book free of charge through a Goodreads Giveaway.


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